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Computicket travel flights

Computicket is an online service portal that is well-known for providing tickets for films, movies and concerts. The portal also enables people to buy flight tickets on its website.

Computicket flights are available for booking at on the computicket website and at their stores. After buying your groceries you can pop into a Computicket store to book some flights (they’re at the Money Market Counters). The company has some of the best deals in the industry. On the other hand, if you cna’t book for a ticket online, can call them on 0861-915-4000. Note that some of the airfares are only available in their stores and not online.

You can also book for a flight for your friend, wife or any relative. Yes it’s possible; all you need is a photocopy of their passport or identification documents.

Computickets offers flights from a wide range of airlines; including Kulula Airlines, Mango Airlines, South African Airways, British Airways Comair and Air Namibia. There are several other travel divisions within the group; such as Computicket Buses, Flights, Trains, Cruises; as well as their traditional offerings of tickets to events and movies.


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