BlueBean Credit Card


BlueBean Credit Card

Bluebean is a division of Standard Bank which allows clients to apply for their credit card from either financial institutions. Customers are able to use Bluebean credit card wherever they see the MasterCard sign displayed locally and internationally.

Bluebean Black Credit Card Features:
• There are no transaction fees on purchases.
• Benefit from up to 55 days’ interest-free credit, on balances paid in full.
• You can use your BlueBean Credit Card to buy fuel.
• BlueBean allows you to design your own BlueBean Credit Card.
• You will have free access to BlueBean Lifestyle benefits.
• Benefit from access to great Goodies, Mobile and Travel deals.
• The card has free secure online shopping.
• Free international emergency card replacement.
• The card has a budget facility.
• Balance transfer option.
• A convenient debit order to automatically pay your account each month.
• Automatic bill payment.
• Credit protection plan.
• Accident and health insurance.
• Free basic automatic travel insurance.
• Top-up travel insurance cover at an added cost.
• Free lost card protection (LCP).
• Free subscription to Standard Bank’s self-service banking.
• Free electronic statements emailed to you.
• Benefit from a free secondary card.

With Bluebean Black credit card you have access to privileges at Standard Bank such as:
• Cash deposits, balance enquiries, provisional statements made over the counter or ATM.
• Copies of statements irrespective of the number of pages.
• Transaction history over the last 10 months.
• Lost card and emergency international card replacement.

Although Bluebean is affiliated to Standard Bank, there are no Bluebean branches, and all transactions and other banking is done online.


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