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Cash Converters is renowned for specialising in turning your second hand unwanted goods to cash. Now they also offer Cash Converters Loans for clients in need of extra finance. With over 700 stores across 21 countries worldwide, the institution offers an instant loan facility which is easily accessible.

Whenever you’re in need of extra finance or emergency funds you can rely on Cash Converters to give you the help you require. These days, consumers have access to numerous lending institutions besides traditional banks. Cash Converters provides an alternative form of finance for South Africans for short term needs. The process is quite simple too. Cash Convertersassesses your valuables and based on that, you are given a loan amount which you can repay in a short amount of time.

How do you get a Cash Converters personal loan?

You simply bring your valuables to a Cash Converters branch and they will give you a loan against these goods. This loan is called the Cash Converters Cash Advance and is dependent on individual credit assessments.

Your goods won’t be sold. They will be returned to you after you repay the loan within 30 days.

What are the benefits?

  • You are able to get cash on the spot while Cash Converters holds your goods for 30 days.
  • Your goods are kept safe.
  • You can repay the loan within 30 days plus a minor fee
  • The loans are unsecured which means that you don’t need to put any collateral up
  • Loan repayment terms can be extended up to 60 days in order to suit your financial needs

What are the requirements for application?

Be above the age of 18 years

Have a valid South African I.D.

Verify your income and your address through appropriate documentation

Provide 60 days’ worth of bank statements

Contact Cash Converters by calling: 087 820 40 60. a friendly consultant will help you with any enquiries you may have about  Cash Converters Loans.


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