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Handheld Devices Raising_The_Bar_Does_the_Nokia_8_provide_the_best_value

In a world of smart device technology largely dominated by the likes of Apple, Samsung, and to some degree, Huawei, Nokia has a long way to go before it catches up to the best premium smartphones. The Nokia 8 looks set to change this however. …

Handheld Devices Raising_The_Bar_How_the_One_Plus_6_is_changing_the_game

Smartphone technology improvements are a daily occurrence nowadays, so for a new brand, entering the market can be quite daunting and challenging. The latest models have to differentiate their offerings significantly in order to stand out from the rest. The One…

Handheld Devices Raising_The_Bar_Lenovo_Z5

Smartphone technology competition is stiff in all markets globally. Even though the rock stars of this market are Apple and Samsung, other players in the field continue to work hard at improving the performance of their flagship devices. One such company is…