Lenovo Z5- Pioneering Technological Breakthroughs


Smartphone technology competition is stiff in all markets globally. Even though the rock stars of this market are Apple and Samsung, other players in the field continue to work hard at improving the performance of their flagship devices.  

One such company is Lenovo, which is offering the Lenovo Z5 as its latest smartphone device. 

Billed as the first mainstream smartphone with an all-screen display, the Lenovo Z5 is set to pioneer the movement that will see more smartphones sporting a bezel-less design.  

The company’s VP Chang Cheng shared pictures of the device in May. Cheng’s post further mentioned “four technological breakthroughs”.  

The device, which sports a bezel-design, will be launched in Beijing. With no front facing camera, this has many people wondering whether there will be some fancy in-display camera. The device could also have a vibrating screen to play audio instead of conventional speakers.  

According to the teaser, the phone will have a gradient glass back and will sport a metal frame on both sides.  

Offering a 45 day long standby time, the Z5 will also give users an additional half hour of battery life when the battery meter reaches zero percent. 

The 4TB internal storage is another unique feature that is set to make the Z5 stand out even more. The bezel-less device will be the first of mainstream devices to achieve this feat, along with the massive amount of storage space.  

It’s hoped that the device’s other features don’t disappoint. The last thing users would want is a beautifully-designed device, only to have the worst battery life or slow performance.  

The Lenovo Z5 is one of numerous smartphones to change the industry for the better. Time will tell what new developments we can expect in the near future. 


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