How The One Plus 6 Phone Is Changing The Game


Smartphone technology improvements are a daily occurrence nowadays, so for a new brand, entering the market can be quite daunting and challenging. The latest models have to differentiate their offerings significantly in order to stand out from the rest. 

The One Plus 6 Phone competes on the same level with the iPhone X, LG G7 and the Samsung Galaxy S9.  

Made almost completely of glass, which curves at the back, the rim of metal adds some rigidity to the device. To protect against water damage the design includes extra seals around parts and seals between the screen.  

The impressive design features colour options including black, Midnight Black, which has a matte finish, while the white and pinky gold variation has a jewel-like finish. 

At the top of the screen users may find the notch useful. But if not, the good news is that they have the option to use a particular software update to cover it. The actual notch contains a 16MP sensor, speaker and LED.  

The Snapdragon 845 ensures that the phone has no lagging. Apps open instantly and multi-tasking is flawless. This device truly lives up to its marketing tagline “The Speed You Need”.  

In addition to this, the One Plus 6 Phone offers support for a quick camera app and it has Bluetooth 5.0 capabilities. Featuring an improvement to WiFi connectivity, the devices come in 6GB or 8GB RAM. Storage options range from 64, 128 to 256GB. 

There is an option to stop using the on-screen navigation buttons while readers will appreciate the dedicated reading mode which turns the screen black and white when using apps such as Kindle. 

The nifty alert slider makes it simple to jump from silent to loud mode without having to unlock the phone, while the fingerprint sensor can be found beneath the dual cameras. Many users might rather opt for the Face Unlock option which is seamless when used in the light.  

One area the phone could use a lot of improvement in is its speaker quality, but overall, the device is quite a decent offering. 


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