Computicket Acquires Start- Up Entry Ninja


For a long time the name “Computicket” dominated the ticketing industry in South Africa, without much competition. In recent years however, this has changed as more entrants into the market have caused disruptions.

Despite this, the ticketing company is still the biggest and most renowned name.

With changing technology, the company has had to adapt to a changing landscape as a ticket provider. In recent years, ticketing systems have operated largely online and more start-ups have entered the market – offering simple online solutions. One such operator is Entry Ninja.

Entry Ninja is an online entry portal that is used to facilitate entries for South African sporting events. It was recently acquired by Computicket for an undisclosed amount.

What does this mean for Entry Ninja?

Computicket now wants to service mass sporting events through Entry Ninja’s innovative system. While Computicket provides ticketing services for various types of events, Entry Ninja’s specialisation in a niche market has created more opportunities for Computicket.

The ticketing company believes that the acquisition will give it access to a previously unsecured market segment. Through its advantage of being skilled at processing large transaction values and also having a vast distribution network, Computicket provides Entry Ninja with a wider network of customers.

Entry Ninja essentially lets customers create and save a personal profile. Using the service means that event entries can be finalised quickly and conveniently. When users want to buy a ticket for a sporting event, they won’t have to go through tedious administrative processes. Instead, they ca simply log into their profile and use it to purchase tickets.

The service also extends to different types of sporting events.

Entry Ninja’s management team and small staff complement will continue running the day-to-day business operations.


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