The dress to wear – the shirt dress


The dress which has all the rage this Summer is the classic shirt dress,mostly due to its minimalist chic effort, as it’s an item that can be raided from your man’s cupboard, due to its style of dress that borrows details from a man’s shirt.

The shirt dress is timeless, and became a staple part of many women’s wardrobes during the 1950s when it first became fashionable.

The typical design of a shirt dress is that of a looser fit usually made of fabrics with cotton or silk. They can also include a collar, button front, or cuffed sleeves to further resemble a man’s shirt.

Since the 1950s the typical design of the shirt dress has been altered starting in the late 1960s to early 70s from it being a shirt dress to a T-shirt dress which was an elongated version of a t-shirt.

Fast forward to today and changes in the shirt dress design have included embroidery, lace, kimono style, wrap front dress and various printed designs on the dress. They’ve also changed in various colours as they no longer just come in neutrals, the length of the shirt dress has also been altered in some designs whether it’s a long or mid-calf length.

A shirt dress can be typically worn with a belt around your waist or can be left to flow as a loose fit. You can also dress it with accessories or dress it up in heels or down with sneakers or pumps.

The shirt dress is a true closet keeper as it’s usually a one size fits all. It’s truly comfortable to wear and has made the shirt no longer about the men.


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