Finance Jobs In Johannesburg


Finance jobs in Johannesburg

When it comes to a finance jobs in Johannesburg all the indications are looking positive. As for starters usually a job in finance means better pay. And secondly the latest CareerJunction salary index for 2017 shows that when it comes to comparing the three major working cities Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.

Gauteng holds the main economic hubs so most of the top jobs are in that direction. In Johannesburg you can still live there, earn the most money for your job and still get far cheaper housing than Cape Town.

The annually published index is created exclusively for the South African workforce and HR professionals. And reveals how much is being offered for jobs across 10 major sectors in South Africa. These sectors include: Architecture & Engineering, Medical & Health, Building & Construction, Warehousing & Logistics, Information & Communication Technology, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Admin, Office & Support, Manufacturing & Assembly.

According to the latest salary review by CareerJunction, professionals residing in and around Gauteng consistently earn above the national average across all 10 sectors analysed. Professionals residing in the Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal mostly seem to earn salaries slightly below average while in some sectors salaries fall far below average.

In the Western Cape, for example, finance professionals can earn up to 24% below average. The Index findings are based on actual salary offerings posted between April 2017 and November 2017 on CareerJunction, one of SA’s leading online job boards, where over 20,000 jobs are posted monthly.


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