Heritage Short Term Loans


Heritage Short Term Loans

Heritage Loans provides timely, reliable and effective cash loans to individuals and businesses. They are a specialised South African credit provider with extensive experience in the industry and a large number of clients.

Whenever you need a short term loan, there are here to provide it. They guarantee attractive rates and flexible terms which can be customised.

Whenever you need cash to pay your small business suppliers or to pay the late electricity bill, you simply need to contact us and we will resolve your problem effectively and on time. The application process is fast and easy. Upon approval, the funds will be made available to you right away.

Heritage Loans offers short term loans against collateral. They realise how challenging it can be to find cash when needed. That is why they offer a solution – secured short term loans. If you are in an emergency and require extra cash to cover major expenses, they can help. Similarly, they can make your dream holiday reality right away by giving you the finance which you need.

Heritage Loans is dedicated to assisting individuals by meeting their cash needs. They provide loan approval in 15 minutes without credit check. Quick cash is readily available. The accepted security items include motorised vehicles of all types, electronics, jewellery and other assets of high value such as art works and antiques.

Here is a summary of services:

  • Short Term Cash Loans
  • Collateralized Loans
  • Lifestyle
  • Finance
  • Personal Loans
  • Emergency Loans
  • Business Loans

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