Hiring Bounty- Refer Friends for Jobs and Make Cash


If you through the idea of earning money for referring your friends for jobs was outlandish, you can think again. In 2012, Greg Schneider started a recruitment start-up based on just this premise.

Hiring Bounty is a recruitment company that essentially uses crowdsourcing to find the best candidates for companies.

It’s a unique service that improves the recruitment process for companies, while giving job seekers a better chance of employment should they be referred.

How does Hiring Bounty work and can you really make money from it?

Through Hiring Bounty, individuals get paid to recommend their friends, ex-colleagues and business contacts for position listed on the site.

“Clients pay significantly less, job seekers find jobs more quickly, references earn well and Hiring Bounty takes a commission on successful hires that have been at the job for 3 months or more,” explained Schneider.

The company has since gone on to sign up large clients including Woolworths, Famous Brands, Amazon and Deloitte. It has also been launched in the United Kingdom.

The Cape Town-based company is an innovative recruitment platform.

Its business model is based on the concept that referrals produce better candidates. The service aims to identify skilled candidates and place them in suited positions.

Schneider has said that he is “confident that this platform will revolutionise the recruitment process and the industry as we know it”.

Listing a vacant position on the site is free and employers are required to set a reward or “bounty”. Bounties range from R2000 an R10 000.

This bounty is split three ways: between the referrer, successful candidate and Hiring Bounty.

The bounty is only paid when an employer hires a candidate referred to them through the site.

Job seekers can also apply directly for a job without being referred.

Visit www.hiringbounty.com






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