iPhone 8 Rumours Surface


The Apple brand has cemented its place in the history book as one of the most innovative companies of our lifetime.  When the iPhone was introduced, Steve Jobs called it a “revolutionary phone”- and history has proven him right.

Over the years the tech giant has released a new model every two years.

The latest rumour to surface is that the iPhone 8 is in production.

What can iPhone fans expect?

The iPhone is rumoured to come with a slew of new technologies and features, such as a virtual home button and new colours.

The phone might come with a curved, edge-to-edge OLED display, encased in glass and a stainless steel body.

The smartphone is also expected to introduce an alternative to Touch ID such as a face or iris scanner or acoustic fingerprint sensor. The phone may also come equipped with 3D sensors that could enable augmented reality as well as facial or iris recognition.

Equipped with 3GB of RAM, plus more storage (possibly up to 64GB), the iPhone 8 is also set to feature Apple’s next generation processor.

At 5.8 inches, Apple is set to slim down the top and bottom bezels and squeeze a larger screen into the same size body.

The phone is also set to feature wireless charging and USB-C connectivity.

If you own a MacBook or iPad, adding an iPhone to your collection of Apple gadgets is a no-brainer. The phone works seamlessly with other Apple gadgets, and the iPhone 8 will be no different.

Just like the latest iPhones, which have 4K video capture abilities – which helps to deliver realistic colours- the iPhone 8 is rumoured to feature the best camera and video technology.

iPhone is still favoured by developers as the launch platform of choice for the latest apps, so you can expect to get the latest apps first.




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