Richest Students in South Africa


If you’ve seen the episodes of Vuzu’s Rich Kids on Vuzu Amp channel 103 on DStv, then you’d know that those who appeared on the show were considered among the richest students in South Africa (SA).

A show that took us behind the scenes into the lives of Rich Kids in SA, of which most of the kids who appeared on the show were of college and university going age and some even were attending university.

Like Nape who opened up the first show the 22 year old, political science graduate who’s currently completing his law degree. On the show he bragged about asking his parents for a R1m Rolex, because well, he needs to have it. I mean really now talk about a student with cash.

The following episode was followed by brothers Bob and Don from Pretoria who lived on a magnificent estate in their magnificent family home. Showing off the cars the family has, such as their dad’s 12 Mercs, four Bentleys and four Ferraris. While the brothers drove around in the Mercedes and a Mercedes AMG.

Then also there’s the average student in SA who has to try keep up with their peers and stay cool. Carrying around the latest cellphone, advanced gadgets and wearing branded clothes is no small fee.

A recent research done by Student Village revealed that Students from the University of Cape Town spend the most. On average, one student spends R3 925 per month. That’s followed by the University of Pretoria at R3 371. The University of KwaZulu-Natal was third on the list at R2 725. Taking the fourth spot was the University of Witwatersrand at R2 365.



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