Sunnycomb, a weather app with a difference


Know what the weather is like before you even open your curtains in the morning. In comes Sunnycomb. Sunnycomb is the first social weather app that personalises weather forecasts. Users of Sunnycomb are able to generate images of the sky, in the area that they are in, to signal good or bad weather. These personal weather forecasts can include the emotions of the user.

See what your neighbours are saying about the weather in your area, or if you prefer, create your own weather report for your neighbours. If you are enthusiastic about the weather, join Sunnycomb and start interacting with like-minded individuals from all over the world. Sunnycomb is different from all the other weather apps already on the market, in that it promotes interaction with the app from the user. Other users’ weather photos are set out in a mosaic design, and there is also a feature that attempts to predict how the weather is going to affect the user’s mood.

Based on the profile you created upon registration – it includes information about conditions you are most sensitive to and asks you to rate and record your feelings about the conditions – after 7 days of active interaction with the app, you will start receiving personalised weather reports, including not only the weather, but also how your mood will most likely to be affected.

Users are already generating up to 100 000 weather reports daily and the app is set to take a huge chunk from the other weather apps. Developed by Tokyo-based Weathernews Inc (WNI), the app which already has a large base of users that share up to 100 000 reports daily. WNI also produces Japan’s largest weather app. Sunnycomb is currently available in South Africa from Apple’s iTunes.


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