These Are The Top 5 Countries To Study Abroad


These are the Top 5 countries to study abroad

Being able to further ones’ tertiary education offers an opportunity to improve not only a standard of living but also gives individuals a chance to learn more and to expand on their skills and knowledge.

Tertiary education facilitates the development of better-educated citizens and equips them to deal with new challenges and technological advances.

Further benefits of tertiary education:

  • Tertiary education yields monetary benefits and gives individuals financial freedom. This often allows individuals to improve their living standards.
  • It provides status in society. Individuals with a tertiary education are often looked up to as pillars of their communities.
  • High-level work positions require continuous professional development to facilitate better decision-making skills. Tertiary education equips individuals with the diligence required to keep up with the demands of continuous education.
  • It makes it easier to migrate to a different country.
  • It’s a major driver of economic growth.

While many people have access to quality tertiary education in their home countries, some may choose to study abroad.

This option not only provides students with an opportunity to explore their horizons, but also offers a range of other opportunities. Students get a chance to learn a new language, for adventure and ultimately have better employment prospects.

Which are the top 5 countries to study abroad?


Easily accessible to students, this country also offers a variety of majors from business to fine arts.


As the largest emerging economy in the world, studying in China gives students a competitive edge. By studying in this country, students are able to actively participate in the global market.


The diversity of programs and the demographics of students in this country attract many people from across the world. Housing and classroom conditions are generally impressive.


India offers more opportunities to scholars in the Fulbright programs than any other country in the world. The country drew nearly 40 000 international students in 2014 according to UNESCO.



The higher education provided in this country is held in high regard all over the world. The country’s top-ranked institutions and low tuition fees are drawcards.

The top 5 countries to study abroad offer students quality education and affordable tuition, making it easier to gain an education abroad.


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