Twitter Adds Bing Translation Tool To Its Site and Mobile Apps


Are you an entrepreneur whom owns a business that relies on social media for marketing? If so, you have every reason to smile because Twitter has added Big Translation tool on its site and mobile apps for iOS and Android and TweetDeck.

The new facility will allow your customers to read your posts in multiple languages.

How do I know I have Bing Translation?

It’s simple, here is to how:

Once you activate the tools in your account settings, you will see a little globe icon next to tweets in different languages and a translation will appear below the original tweet once the globe is clicked. That way your customers will get your message in their native languages provided Big Translation has them.

This translation tool has been available on Facebook since 2011; this translation tool could potentially assist small businesses to market themselves on Twitter reach more users devoid of having to make separate accounts for different languages.

Apart from this tool, Twitter also unveiled its “While you Were Away” recap feature, a tool that will potentially lure small business people who don’t spend much time on Twitter; this feature will make them avoid missing out on important conversations and tweets.


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