Understanding credit from Capitec Bank and How to Make it Work for You.


Capitec Bank is a leading South African financial institution that offers its more than 7 million clients a range of products and services. Since 2001 the bank has grown steadily and is now one of the most popular banking institutions- largely owing to its emphasis on simplified banking solutions. The bank has effectively created the market for a single, simple, cost-effective bank account through the Global One Account. Through the Capitec Global One Account, the bank offers clients a unique banking solution that allows them to combine a range of services, using just one card.

In addition to daily transactional services, the bank offers a range of credit solutions.

What you need to know about credit from Capitec Bank

Capitec offers personalised credit solutions that are tailored to suit individual needs. Up to R250 000 in finance is offered, with a flexible repayment period of 1 to 84 months. Once you have been approved for this type of credit from Capitec, the amount is paid directly into your transactions/savings account. There are fixed monthly repayments, giving you the benefit of consistent repayments. Credit insurance is offered on loans longer than 6 months.

You can apply online or visit a branch.

The Credit facility from Capitec Bank offers clients a maximum of up to R5000, which is repayable in full each month. This form of credit from Capitec Bank is specifically designed to help you meet any urgent financial needs you may have. It’s designed as a short term solution and is not meant to be used for long term financial needs.

The credit card facility offered by Capitec Bank offers up to 55 days’ personalised interest-free credit as well as a credit limit of up to R80 000.

With this credit from Capitec Bank you can earn the highest interest on a positive balance – from 5.35% per year.

Visit www.capitecbank.co.za


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