Writing Your Own ‘How to’ Post


Blogs have taken over the internet space in a major way. From corporate companies to ordinary individuals, it seems as if almost everyone has a blog nowadays. But an important question to ask when starting a blog is what value it will add to this space. As with other forms of writing, there are different types of blogs. Creating a ‘How To’ post is a simple way of sharing information. This type of post aims to teach the reader something new. Here are a few tools on how to write your own ‘How To’ post effectively:

Keep it short:

You may be tempted to write long sentences with the most colourful language in your vocabulary, but rather not. A short, punchy style of writing is apt to this type of post. It’s usually standard when it comes to blogs in general. Make it easy to read your post. A simple and beneficial way of enticing your reader is by adding steps to the post.

Keep it simple:

Work on keeping the reader gripped by breaking your post up into sections. Make it relevant and don’t veer off into other topics. Make it easy to understand by using easy terminology.

Own the title of your blog:

Back your title up with the content to match and know what you are talking about. Own the title as an authority on the subject and maintain credibility.

Sharing content is key:

Write for other bloggers and they might return the favour. Add links to other bloggers ‘work that is relevant to your topic and you’ll expand your network.


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