YouTube Music – Are You Missing Out?


YouTube Music – Are you missing out?

Accessing music has never been easier than it is today. From record players to Walkman’s to boom boxes to MP3 players to phones – the ways in which people have been accessing music has changed for the better with each generation.

While some people often valued their vinyl or CD collection quite significantly, technological innovation completely changed the status quo.

The internet has made accessing music simple and with platforms like YouTube, the possibilities are seemingly endless. There is still room for innovation too. More services like this one are being used as more consumers opt for listening to music this way, rather than buying physical versions of music.

What do we know about YouTube Music?

A factor that has contributed to the mass popularity of this service is the diverse collection of video content. Many people haven’t taken advantage of the wide array of music libraries available on YouTube Music.

The YouTube Music app simply converts the entire collection of music-based videos into a streaming audio service.

This means that users can create personalised stations from any music clip. Users can listen offline and play music in the background.

To access the service, individuals need to subscribe. Once this has been activated, users can get access to the sprawling catalogue of music. The option to have further access to independent tracks and live music is another unique factor.

One of the latest features of YouTube Music is the combination of Google Play Music with the streaming service’s own offerings.

According to a statement by YouTube spokesperson:

“We’re always working to improve YouTube Music and ensure it’s the best possible experience for users.”

Even though the home page for the app looks the same, there have been a few more changes introduced to improve the user experience.

There is a new option for rearranging the queue for instance, along with an audio-only option. Users can create a custom playlist as well as use the plethora of music on the service.

To get the best possible experience when it comes to music streaming services, this platform may have just the right answers.



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