How To Earn Greenbacks Faster


How to earn Greenbacks faster

Earn rewards every time you spend on your linked credit or cheque card. Your rewards are easy to use with a Greenbacks SHOP Card where you can withdraw cash at any ATM, use at over 100 000 stores, pay for fuel, shop online or even use overseas where ever American Express is accepted.

Apply for a credit card

Enjoy a range of lifestyle benefits with Nedbank Greenbacks Rewards Programme. Use your Greenbacks to Shop, Travel, Invest or Donate.


You can get your first Nedbank Greenbacks SHOP card for free, where you can spend your Greenbacks at over 100 000 stores, pay for fuel, shop online, use overseas and even withdraw cash at any ATM.


Book flights, cars, accommodation or exclusive travel packages using your Greenbacks.

Bank and Invest

Convert your Greenbacks into Unit Trusts towards whatever you want to save for, like your child’s education, deposit on a house/car or even that overseas holiday. Or use your Greenbacks to pay for your monthly bank charges or card fees up to R100 a month.


There is no greater reward than the gift of giving. Use your Greenbacks to donate to a wide range of charities.


For every R10 spent on your linked Credit Card you earn 2 Greenbacks and for every R10 spent on your linked Cheque Card you earn 1 Greenbacks. If you use your Nedbank American Express┬« Card, you earn Greenbacks faster, in other words – 4 Greenbacks for every R10 of eligible spend.


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