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Good Fun

Whether you are a new to the world of gambling, or an old veteran, gambling is a magical world that is filled with a lot of cool and unique experiences. While some might see gambling as just sitting in front of a slot machine like a zombie in a smoke-filled room, the reality is distinctly different.

There are lots of exotic experiences out there that can make gambling a thrilling and enriching experience. There have been so many creative and inventive new machines being made that we just had to share a few of the best ones that are currently available in South Africa.

Must-Play Slots in South Africa

South Africa is a beautiful place to visit for a lot of different reasons, but one of them that might surprise you is their extensive, exotic, and just downright cool gambling culture. There are so many cool and unique slot machines in South Africa that we had to narrow it down to some of our favorites you can see here.

88 Fortunes – One of the most popular and unique slots available in South Africa, 88 Fortunes is unique because it is a progressive game, meaning that you can build on your previous spins. In fact there are four unique levels to the game, giving players a feeling of accomplishment, along with all the excitement that comes with slots, all in a beautiful and exotic atmosphere.

Wild Panda – Another engaging and entirely unique slot machine, Wild Panda is themed, and aa lot of fun for those who enjoy Chinese culture. Wild Panda uses Chinese symbology like the koi fish, lotus, bamboo, and of course the iconic panda. What makes this game so unique is that there are 100, that is right, 100 different lines. One credit will buy you two lines and a lot of fun.

5 Dragons – This slot game is something that mythology lovers will especially enjoy. Just as the name implies, there are five different dragons that you can get as substitutes on your lines, and when they show up, you get a free game. One of the things that sets this game apart from other slots is there are 243 different ways to win, making wins more frequent, and lots of different prizes.

If you are touring South Africa, these slots are a much visit. There are also a lot of other tourist attractions and beautiful landscapes and restaurants to see that will make your trip to South Africa one that you will not soon forget.

New Way to Pay

Some might see South Africa as a less developed part of the world, but they could not be more wrong. In fact, South Africa has a bustling economy that is in the know and the now of technological development.

In fact, some stores are even accepting Bitcoin as payment. This is something that might surprise many, but South Africa has experienced a lot of growth over the years and has entered the modern age in a big way.


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