general Raising_The_Bar_SA_Response_to_loadshedding

South Africa’s Response To Loadshedding

The introduction to load shedding in South Africa has affected South African individuals and businesses alike. The national union of metal workers of South Africa expressed their anger and dismay on how Eskom’s load shedding has disrupted their day-to-day activities.…

general Raising_The_Bar_Top_scammer_alert_websites

Top 10 Scammer Alert Websites

It’s a Monday morning and Quinton has just stepped into his office at work. He’s just checked his emails and has come across a mail that looks like it comes from his bank, requesting him to confirm a few details.…

general Raising_The_Bar_What_are_the_different_types_of_hackers

What Are The Different Types Of Hackers

Hollywood has made it easier to believe that a typical hacker is some scrawny twenty-something nerd living in the basement of his mother’s home, without anything better to do other than cause endless misery by using his brains and skills…

general Raising_The_Bar_Tips_on_renewing_your_passport_in_SA

Tips On Renewing Your Passport In South Africa

When most South Africans think of a visit to Home Affairs, the accompanying feeling of dread is often the factor that makes even the thought draining. Before even having to wait in the never-ending queue at Home Affairs offices, many South Africans are increasingly…

business Raising_The_Bar_Financial_Tools_your_business_cant_live_without

Financial Tools Your Business Can’t Live Without

Technology has been useful for streamlining financial management. As a result, there are financial tools your business can’t live without. QuickBooks Best for small business accounting, this is a financial tool that has proven to be robust and flexible. Highly useful for making basic accounting…

general Raising_The_Bar_Uber_or_Taxify_who_is_more_reliable

Uber Or Taxify: Who Is More Reliable?

Uber works via an application which you download onto your smartphone and then input your credit card details. You can hail an Uber taxi at any time of the day or night via the app. The fare is automatically deducted…

finance Raising_The_Bar_Debt_review_explained

Debt Review Explained

For Winston, who is undergoing the process for the first time, understanding how debt review works is key. It’s a solution targeted at individuals or consumers like him, who have too much debt to their names and cannot maintain their debt obligations. It was introduced with the…

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